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January 3 - 4, 2020
What's Clarity?
A conference to ask honest questions of the Christian faith to church leaders and seek CLARITY on our identity, purpose, and calling.
Who's this for?
This is for YOU and the person next to you! Come consider who Jesus is and what that really means for us today along with an international church planter, a recording artist, a music festival coordinator, a surf momma, and so many more.
Where is it happening?
At Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in partnership with churches from all over OC
OK, but when?
The first weekend of the New Year, January 3-4, 2020!
We want to not only open our space for you to come ask questions and have an open conversation, we also want you to come have FUN! Let's kick of the 366 days (yes, it is a leap year) of 2020 on the right foot.
Already know you want to be here?
Well here you go then
Check In
You could get here early to grab a cup of coffee and sip some kombucha OR you could sit in traffic. You choose.
Taco Dinner
What is an event in Santa Ana without a good Taco cart? Come eat dinner with us. We promise not to bite.
Who is the Church?
Main Session

Speaker: Todd Proctor

The traditional first session, LET'S GO!

Who is Jesus?
Main Session

Speaker: Tim Chaddick

Dance Party
Cereal Bar
Who doesn’t love Saturday morning Cereal?
Where is God?

Speaker: Kate Merrick

Clarity on Doubt

12pm - 2pm
Lunch Break
Musical Showcase
What is My Purpose?
Main Session

Speaker: Josh White

Clarity on why we are here

Conversation on Clarity
"Have Your Questions Heard" Panel
Submit your questions when you register!
Burning Questions
Breakout Sessions
Why Does God Care About Sex? / Becket Cook
Clarity on Sin
Is Sin Evil? / Josh Sisco
Clarity on Career / Jeff Tanner Brian Sumner David Yardley
Does God Care What I Do?
Clarity in Heartbreak / Kate Merrick Jonathan Laurie
Does God Care What I Feel? Kate Merrick
Clarity on Church / Tim Chaddick
What is Church Even For?
5pm - 7pm
Dinner Break
How Do I Find Clarity?
Main Session

Speaker: Sarah Yardley

Clarity on God’s Voice & Calling.

Another Church Conference?

Let’s be real, your brain might have turned off at the word “Conference,” but give us a chance to explain! OK, we are still a conference, but we want to be different. We want to be a conference that attempts to break down the walls between “the church” and “the people”.

Our hope is to offer some CLARITY on who Jesus is and give people a chance to redefine what they believe as we discuss Identity, Purpose, and Calling. To open up the question, not only is Christianity is true, but also is it good?

We are sorry if you have been told your whole life that the highest point of Christianity is to be a Pastor or Missionary. Those are beautiful roles, but we want you to discover your identity, purpose, and calling as we discuss what the church’s identity, purpose, and calling is.

This conference will be at the beginning of the new year. It is a time where we consider setting goals and we want to create a space for you to figure out the goals you want to set. We are opening our doors, partnering with people from within and without churches, and bringing together many different backgrounds.

SO COME… Come ask the hard questions, come to open your bible, or come to consider what place the Bible has in your life. Whatever reason, come rediscover Jesus with us.

Tim Chaddick
Josh White
Sarah Yardley
Sarah Yardley
Josh Sisco
Josh Sisco
Becket Cook
Becket Cook
Lindy Conant
Lindy Conant
Kate Merrick
Kate Merrick
Brian Sumner
Brian Sumner
David Yardley
David Yardley
Jonathan Laurie
Jonathan Laurie
Todd Proctor
Todd Proctor
Joshua Morphis
Joshua Morphis

Can we be transparent?

We all love a free to attend event. Free events have become well known and loved in the church over the years. We appreciate those events, we have thrown those events and will continue to throw those events at the church. This event isn’t one of those and we respect you enough to tell you that is because we see what this conference has to offer as something of value. We want to let you know that what you pay is to help us to honor the time of our guests, our staff, and our churches.

Before Dec 1
Full Conference: $15
Friday or Saturday Only: $10
Group Pass: 5 for $50
After Dec 1
Full Conference: $20
Friday or Saturday Only: $15
Group Pass: 5 for $75

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